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– Foreign equity funds: Investors attracted net $ 1, with funds to buy foreign stocks. Flows in this category for two consecutive months negative but positive year – to-date with almost $ 44 billion in net deposits.


Hiccup card offers multiplication againIf you like you already a lot of e-mail to encourage you to encourage you to get a credit card open feel, it’s not your imagination. Banks have been raising of the number of offers send send to their mailboxes.. Last month ‘s exit from equity funds followed net withdrawals of more than $ 23 billion in July and $ 17 billion in June. The three-month trend marks a turnaround from the beginning of the year when investors consistently deposited more than they return. -to-date-to-date equity fund flow is negative, with $ 21200000000 in net payments.

The biggest reason is that the consumer spend again, and the companies want a piece of this pie.Move to a town where the economy be on all cylinders a sharp turn of to fight Motorcitysoul, told Zarembski.

The investment world has always been speculation naturally, naturally. But many instruments which were part of the massive expansion financial sector in the past decades, as CDOs, naked had is purely speculative and gave way investment all constructive purpose entirely.

And of thinking not, it’s just were obscure anti – financial zealous who to be deceived the most bothered by this development. Billionaire George Soros One of the most the most successful and high-profile hedge fund managers ever, the strongest have beat at alarms over uselessness of these tools. – Whether Goldman is guilty, the financial clearly had not social benefits, It was about an complex synthetic security that was from existing mortgage – backed securities through cloning it diverted into imaginary units imitate the originals .