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State officials say the reason it took seven years to the new rules was because lengthy negotiations took place with HMOs, hospitals, consumer groups and other health care activists. Merritt Hawkins & Associates in 2009 found that people in San Diego to wait an average of 24 days. For a routine examination with a family physician Los Angeles can wait patients, on average 59 days. The researchers found that. The high cost of living, Los Angeles ‘ large poor population and low reimbursement rates of Medi-Cal drive family doctors away from the town or in specialties, pay more.

What is the meaning of these new rules? Patients who care care that does not require prior authorization must be be seen within 48 hours. Otherwise, patients must receive a date within 10 days for the general treatment and an appointment within 15 days for specialist treatment. If I in HMOs in the past, I could in in my GP in about a week, so not like a big change to sound. But I’ve been waiting for months to get, they a specialist.News that Microsoft is to undermine in a proxy campaign, Google should not be surprising, Daily Finance readers are engaged. Six months we have shown that Microsoft had a string of ‘Screw Google ‘meeting in Washington, from the top Microsoft lobbies and partially advisors to discredit the search giant instead of.

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