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Is a second-generation iPad rumored to be coming next year, so you could wait for the hottest product on the planet. But again, who wants to to sit at home at Christmas with a rain check in hand? Scarsella said it may come in the second quarter of 2014. Samsung Galaxy Tab Gazelle Scarsella sad he expects that the Galaxy Tab will be launched before Christmas, and it will be the biggest competitor to the iPad. It is the first Android tablet and is probably be subsidized by a contract for 3G service, he said.

1: things and high-end and high-end , should be moved to the front of your shopping list. IPad is expected no surprise, but Apple’s iPad, that the greatest Christmas present this season, Scarsella Wallet Pop a telephone interview a telephone interview. The good news is that Apple does using delays on the iPad, so shortages are not expected, at least from Apple, Scarsella said.In December of , China began requiring microblog member in cities such Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to register their real names. The rule in other regions, Wang Chen, Prime of State Council Information Office to be extended, said in January. Tencent Holdings Ltd Sina Orkut Yammer service, with over 300 million registered traveler, has been increased control? Company, with rival Tencent Holdings Ltd. Was commanded, the comment function at their microblog service for 72 h off in Mar.

The Financial Services Authority has refused to discuss its concerns about the deal, but Prudential said it had agreed with the regulator on future supervision of the enlarged group, ‘including the capital, it is expected to hold. ‘.

The Prudential also said it plans to increase debt financing 5400000000 US dollars, and AIG, the salvaged U.S. Insurance sales selling AIA has offered a standby obligations to purchase up to $ 1, with this financing.